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School Bus Homes Introduces

The Recess

Announcing an accessible microliving option for the masses

Who Am I? 

Hi! Nice to meet you.


I was born into a wonderful family in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1969. There were six of us – that included my parents, older brother, and 2 younger sisters. I was raised to respect others, be non-judgmental, and always put family first, no matter what. Our family values did not align with the ways of apartheid, and we sought out a land of new opportunity. Together, we relocated to Santa Monica, California where I completed high school and then attended Santa Monica College. I was eager to start a family of my own and got married in my late twenties, and shortly after had a son, Darian, and then two years later a daughter Joanna. My family was complete, and now I could pass on my teachings of hard work, discipline, and determination. I started a T-shirt printing company and was well on my way to achieving the ultimate “American Dream.” Five years later I was sitting in my suburban home with the white picket fence (I built!) and my 2 kids, 3 cars and a dog. 


​In 2010, life changed. My wife and I divorced, which lead me to reconsider the STATUS QUO.   I scaled back from my 3000 square foot home into a 500 square foot apartment with my 2 kids. The unforeseen benefit was a resurgence in family values and connecting on a deeper and closer level to my children. Family was always my highest priority and I found that, in a smaller home, the bonds with my kids became deeper and more grounded. I decided to pursue developing school buses into microhomes because I saw a value in living an independent, mobile life while being a productive member of society. That living simply and smaller has so many benefits in our modern, more-is- better society. I want to expose this minimalist lifestyle and demonstrate to the world that there is another way to live the American Dream, an evolution from what was presented to me when I first arrived in this great country. 


My son Darian and I are taking the ultimate back-to- school journey on a yellow school bus. The maiden voyage of the School Bus Homes “Recess” model will be a culmination of what has been an incredible bonding experience with my son. Throughout the process, we have connected on a deep level that I wasn’t expecting. This experience has taught us both how to solve problems, how to think critically and how to work together on accomplishing a dream – day by day, piece by piece. ​The reward of this lifestyle is a new sense of freedom. The ability to live independently without the weight of a typical work schedule, a mortgage or feeling stuck with the same commute every morning. I have also been so encouraged and inspired by the entire “Tiny House” movement that shares my journey to live life more simply. School Bus Homes is a business and a way of life. It’s modern, self-sufficient and untethered. It truly is an adventure for me and my family and I’m proud to be a 21 st Century American pioneer.

Where will you go today?

Graeme Cohen

On an Adventure to Carnegie Mellon

What better way to drop off my son to College than in a yellow school bus. Every time I see a school bus packed with laughing kids playing and soaking up everything life has to offer, I find myself grinning from ear to ear. So I decided to take the ultimate road trip, the trip of a lifetime and expose the world to a lifestyle that is not the norm, but could be for some. My son and I have always been inseparable, but this journey we have been on the last 6 months has been one of tremendous growth. The kids are our future, and we do need to teach them well. I feel it is parent’s responsibility to teach and keep kids accountable. This journey is the end of his childhood, and the beginning of his manhood. I could not be more proud of what he has accomplished and attending such a great college is a dream come true. Let's all take our kids to College in a bus, what a moment it’s going to be!

Meet The Team

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Allie Bynum

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